Beard II

It's been a month since the shareholders voted to allow me to have a beard and it's time to check in and see if I should keep it for a while or shave it off.

To see the latest pics you can go to my alt Instagram account where I post a selfie each day: @theK5M

My beard is not as impressive as the header image... yet!

UPDATE: If the vote goes in favor of the beard there will be a vote about styling/trimming.


  • 0% Keep the beard, schedule a vote in two weeks.
  • 57% Keep the beard, schedule a vote in one month.
  • 0% Keep the beard, schedule a vote in three months.
  • 4% Keep the beard, schedule a vote in six months.
  • 38% Shave the beard. No requests for facial hair for a year.
  • 1% Shave the beard, keep the mustache, schedule a vote right away to see how it looks.


  • jr0berts23 [ 6 ]

    Mike, it just doesn’t suit you. Shave it!

  • james.voges [ 20 ]

    Mustaches are hot, all the handsome folks have one

  • know [ 1 ]

    You look insane keep going.

  • sean [ 80 ]

    How do we vote to trim it shorter!?

  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    If the vote passes I'll ask about trimming/styling...

  • Kirill Goryunov [ 9 ]

    Guys we have to stop this beard.. We have to have an interview with Mike soon and this thing doesn't look good for camera lol.

  • joshuaberger [ 12 ]

    i also preferred the shorter beard — though that's not a voting option. if you do shave, you should take the opportunity to look at a 'stash

  • eubie67 [ 3 ]

    I feel like the vote is invalid because the option of keeping the beard in a shorter state is not presented. We have to vote to approve the scraggly beard in order to get the option to approve a neater, trimmed beard. I move for a re-vote that includes a 'keep a trimmed version of the beard' option.

  • eubie67 [ 3 ]

    Also - we can see the % of votes cast for each option. Can we also see the total number of votes cast?


And we keep on growin...