Berlin First Beverage

Well, technically second beverage because I had some sparkling water, or as the label says "Aqua Medium." But it's 5pm and we're about to head to the hotel.

What should my first drink be?


  • 0% Coffee, you need it
  • 73% Beer, or Bier
  • 27% More Water, stay hydrated
  • 0% Wine
  • 0% Juice
  • 0% Redbull and Vodka
  • 0% Something else...


  • aaronpk [ 31 ]

    5pm is beer o'clock

  • joshb [ 639 ]

    Do not drink coffee right now! It’ll fuck up your circadian

  • aaronpk [ 31 ]

    yes also that! Best way to get over jetlag is to adapt to local time as quickly as possible! I find a strong drink does a good job of making sure I'm tired by the end of the evening.

  • jona [ 244 ]

    Water is life’s blood.