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A project to allow multiple choice votes for the KmikeyM shareholder community. Often focused on quick votes to control the smaller aspects of Mike Merrill's life.

What should I order for my business class main course?

Soft polenta with grated parmesan (58%)

October Challenge

🎧 Post 3 Minute Review every day (53%)

September Challenge

🎧 Use 3 Min Review as a travel diary (64%)

August Challenge

🎧 Use 3 Min Review as a travel diary (89%)

July Challenge

💰 Record and share every purchase (33%)

Modify or Abandon 5am Wake Up Challenge

⏰ Wake up at 6:30am instead (52%)

June Challenge

⏰ Wake up at 5am (50%)

May Challenge

🗺️ Visit a new place every week (50%)

Book Club: Next Book (again)

Flash Boys (53%)

BOOK CLUB: Quit This Terrible Book

Always Quit a Bad Book (96%)

The End of Beard

Shave down to a mustache until 2nd dose (50%)

April Challenge

Meditate for 10+ minutes (72%)

Book Club II: The Next Book...

Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire (55%)

First Haircut in Over a Year

Let Kate decide, she's the professional! (60%)

Do a Month Long Challenge in March?

Yes, get 8+ hours of sleep (46%)

One Year of Beard

Maintain the beard! Cut it shorter so at least you don’t catch it when you zip up your jacket. (50%)

Include Emmy Wins In "No Tights" Exemption

Hold on, why don't we just throw away the policy and use weejee to vote on all the shows you watch? (55%)

Maintain The Beard?

Hold On: Keep It Until After Quarantine, Then Let's Decide (50%)

Drinking With Intention III

Plan Your Drinks (46%)

Drinking With Intention II

Stop Drinking (50%)

Nail Polish

Neon Orange: if you’re going to do it, then really do it (34%)

Drinking With Intention

Track What You Drink (75%)

Beard III

Keep it and vote again on your birthday (May 17th) (56%)

Beard 2.5: Grow Free or Manage/Cultivate

Get professional help (and show us before and after pics) (63%)

2020 Presidential Endorsement

Sanders (52%)

Beard II

Keep the beard, schedule a vote in one month. (57%)

Wait and Binge, or Watch Each Week?

Watch It Each Week (100%)

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Bring Norberto to the bar (56%)

MK: Two Blazers

Get Rid of Both (84%)

MK: Should I Keep These Pants?

Get Rid of Both (86%)

What should I drink?

Manhattan (100%)

Lunch on the beach

No Votes

Destroyer Breakfast

Organic Hen Egg (73%)

Sunday Movie

Whitmer Thomas & Pals (71%)

Berlin First Beverage

Beer, or Bier (73%)

Where should I go for lunch?

Sandwich (60%)

What coffee should I get right now?

Andino Espécial (100%)

What audiobook should I listen to next?

Beastie Boys Book by Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz (70%)

What time should I set my alarm for tomorrow?

Sleep in until 9:00a (68%)